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Fees & Funds

  • CONDUCT a fee restructure to ensure the efficient allocation of resources that prioritizes services for students and helps support fee-receiving groups.

    • We have several funds that lie dormant with a great deal of cash already in them, however, we continue to charge the fees for these funds to students

    • This method will ensure that students pay less money and the AMS is more efficient in its financial allocations 

  • DEVEOLP a policy on a regular fee review timeline so that the AMS is engaging in frequent critical evaluation of its fees. 

  • COLLABORATE with the President to secure increased food security funding from UBC for the AMS food bank. 

  • EXPAND U-Pass eligibility to include students who work on campus during breaks. 

  • WORK with AlumniUBC to create an AMS Donor Campaign to engage with AMS/UBC alumni and corporate donors to fund AMS services and reduce the burden on students (ie. Food Bank, Safewalk, Academic Support Services).

  • PUBLISH easily digestible information that tracks movement in funds (CBF, SPF, SIF). 

  • WORK to highlight student projects that utilize monies from AMS funds to show the impact of student contributions to the Society. 

Health & Dental 

  • EXPLORE and secure a funding partnership with UBC to provide increased mental health coverage for students as the University has a significant gap in counseling services on campus. 

  • ESTABLISH a needs-based expansion of health and dental coverage, if students require greater coverage then they may complete an application to do this and the AMS will subsidize part of their costs through current funds or by creating a top-up fund. 

  • EXPAND access to gender affirming drugs and surgeries including hormone therapy, voice therapy, laser hair removal and other surgeries and procedures not included by Trans Care BC.

  • EXPAND Dental coverage from 80% to 100% and expand optical coverage. 

  • WORK with StudentCare to update their offerings, language, training of phone representatives and their website to be more gender inclusive. 

Dentist Appointment
Entering credit card details

Clubs & Constituencies

  • UTILIZNG the new financial system digitize the AMS Club and Constituency reimbursement process so that reimbursements are quicker and more efficient.

  • UTILIZNG the new financial system more efficiently digitize AMS Club and Constituency bank accounts so that balances and transactions can be seen in real time

  • EXPAND credit limits for AMS Credit Card holders so that they are able to quickly make barrier-free purchases 

  • HOST monthly VP Finance Caucus meetings with Constituency VP Finances as a forum for them to express concerns and for the AMS to convey updates

  • HOST frequent workshops with Constituency VP Finances related to effective financial management 

  • CREATE a policy that outlines a timeline for AMS reimbursements to Clubs and Constituencies

  • CREATE new training workshops and Canvas materials to help educate and transition clubs and constituencies to the new financial system 

  • PURSUE financial transaction integration with CampusBase so that clubs can collect membership fees digitally. 

Financial Discipline

  • ESTABLISHING an Audit Committee to oversee spending is on target to prevent under and overspending by the AMS departments.

    • Monitor and evaluate monthly budget reports to be sent in by Executive Portfolios and Departments to ensure they are on track to hit their budgeted targets and not over or underspend. 

    • Ensure that the re-forecasted budgetary allocations are on par with projected spending determined at the beginning of the fiscal year.

  • DEVEOLP a policy that ensures no new student staff positions are created without Council approval as a means to ensure the AMS is being fiscally responsible. 

  • GET the AMS back on track with its zero-based budgeting strategy, ensuring the midterm budget reforecast cuts unnecessary bloat and that the 2023/24 budget is built with a zero-based budget approach as required by AMS Code.

  • IMPLEMENT Indigenous Finance Guideline strategies drafted by the President's Office. 

Reviewing Reports at Desk

Defecit Management

  • ENSURE that Executive portfolios are hiring wisely within their portfolios and work to cut any unnecessary hiring bloat within the AMS

  • CONDUCT a comprehensive review of business units and determine how to increase their contributions to the AMS without increasing the cost to students

  • ACT on the recommendations of the deficit repayment plan that outlines a path forward towards eliminating the deficit and balancing the budget. 

  • EVALUATE ways to utilize underspent AMS funds to reduce overall budget expenditures.

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