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Black, Indigenous & Equity Issues

Marginalized communities are often neglected in advocacy efforts, so we must make conscious efforts to address their unique needs. Read below for more information on how I hope to approach this.

  • ENSURE that the implementation of the review of UBC's Sexual Misconduct Policy (SC17) is executed and well-resourced 

  • ENSURE that UBC's Discrimination Policy (SC7) is reviewed and considers the best mechanisms to monitor, prevent, and punish bullying, harassment, and discrimination 

  • INCREASE budgetary investments into the Black Faculty Cohort Hiring Initiative (BFCHI) to be able to hire more than 23 Black scholars and invest in similar initiatives for Indigenous Faculty

  • INCREASE budgetary investments into the Strategic Equity & Anti-Racism (StEAR) Fund to support more than the current $300,000 in projects that advance UBC's equity and anti-racism priorities

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