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Black, Indigenous & Equity Issues

Marginalized communities are often neglected in advocacy efforts, so we must make conscious efforts to address their unique needs. Read below for more information on how I hope to approach this.

- HOLD to the recommendations put forward by the Black Student Caucus to the Board of Governors

- ESTABLISH a black hiring committee responsible for hiring black faculty and staff and determining the appropriate number of staff and faculty needed

- CREATE a greater number of scholarships and financial aid programs for continuing black and indigenous students through enhanced fundraising efforts 

- DEVELOP a black student space on campus created entirely for and by black students

- INCREASE the number of student seats on the Indigenous Strategic Plan Implementation Committee

- APPOINT an Inclusion Action Plan Implementation Committee

- ENSURE the University commits to ESG principles as a framework for responsible investment in order to give UBC the legitimacy to divest from companies that commit human rights violations 

- REBUILD an environment of trust with student equity advocacy groups by hosting listening sessions to better understand how their priorities can be incorporated within AMS priorities 

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