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Campus Vision 2050

Campus Vision 2050 is the review of the Housing Action Plan and Land Use Plan that will set the pace for student experience on the campus for the next 30 years. Read below for what my priorities will be.

- ENSURE heavy consultation between students and the Campus Vision team by promoting CV2050 initiatives through the AMS

- ADVOCATE for the expansion of new housing beds from 3,300 to numbers that more accurately reflect student annual growth rates

- ENSURE equity in the development of student and faculty housing so that student housing is not disproportionately underrepresented in new housing developments

- ADVOCATE for the halting of increases to student rent prices 

- ENSURE the development of two Skytrain stations to UBC and the expansion of current transit routes 

- CREATION of space for black students on campus in line with the recommendations of the Black Caucus

- CREATION of new student hubs on campus that can act as quiet study spaces or other places for student gatherings

- ADVOCATE for more classrooms and general learning spaces on campus, in addition to upgrading declining learning environments with new facilities that are conducive to improved academic performance 

- ENSURING there is greater and more thoughtful collaboration and consultation with the Masquem in Campus Vision activities 

- ENSURE that in the development of new housing communities, there are affordable and low-cost amenities for students to access like grocery stores, gyms and other personal care services

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