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Mental Health and Harm Reduction

The last few years have been incredibly difficult for students and we have seen the need for mental health and harm reduction services increase. That is why, I hope to make serious strides in expanding such services. Read below for more information.

- DEVELOP a funding partnership with UBC to ensure they are able to subsidize the psychology coverage under the AMS/GSS Health and Dental Plan because the burden of paying for student mental health should fall on the institution NOT on students 

- ENSURE UBC commits a greater amount of the annual budget to bringing on more Counselors and reviewing/addressing the various issues with UBC Counselling services such as extremely long wait times 

- CREATE University sanctioned and funded workshops related to Naloxone training and the destigmatization of mental health 

- ESTABLISH an increased number of Fentanyl and other drug testing material distribution sites 

- ENSURE there is adequate University funding delivered to Black Caucus Mental Wellbeing Project 

- IMPLEMENT Mental Health Literacy training for Faculty and Staff across disciplines

- COLLABORATE with student groups on campus and the Hein lab to provide consistent spectrometer testing on campus 

- WORK with UBC Wellbeing and AMS Peer Support to provide physical and sexual harm-reduction kits and workshops 

- INCREASE the number of accessibility advisors to match the ratio that other universities in Canada have while also having fewer barriers to accessing accommodations and concessions through the CFA or advising offices

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