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Open Education and Lecture Recordings

In our post-COVID world, we must take away learnings that have benefited student performance. Some of the biggest things are the utilization of open education resources and ensuring the imposition of lecture capture technology. Read below for more information.

- ENSURE UBC commits further financial resources to make sure all campus classrooms and teaching spaces are outfitted with lecture capture technology

- ADVOCATE for the training of all professors in how to operate this technology

- COMMIT that the UBC IT department has the staff and resources necessary to ensure this outfitting and training happens promptly and swiftly

- CREATE a university subsidy program through which students are refunded on textbook costs incurred

- DEVELOP a university-sanctioned grant program that covers all or partial upfront textbook costs

- ADVOCATE for the creation of a university-funded permanent grant program that rewards professors for providing and using open education resources in their teaching

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