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Affordability, Food Insecurity, Tuition, and Housing

One of the most pressing crisis's students are facing are increasing house and food costs. That is why, I am endeavoring to find solutions to the crisis. Read below for more information.


  • WORK TO initiate a review of UBCs Endowment Policy (FM5) to decrease mortgage rates by allowing the University to borrow 50-year money from the endowment at 4.5% interest rather than the current 30-year money at 6% 

  • ADVOCATE FOR beyond 3,300 student housing beds to be built through assistance from the federal government's apartment loan construction program 

    •  ADVOCATE in addition for housing to be built at greater rates 

  • PROVIDE oversight to the VPS and budgetary support to follow through on a new needs-based off-campus rental housing bursary that partially or completely covers student rental costs for a certain number of months 

  • PROVIDE direction and oversight to the VP External Relations Office to lobby the provincial government to remove the moratorium on external borrowing so the University can borrow money from the marketplace at lower interest rates to build more affordable student housing 

  • PROVIDE direction to the Vice President Development and Alumni Engagement to fundraise within the FORWARD campaign and outside of it for monies to be donated specifically towards the construction of student housing


  • ENSURE the development of a multi-year tuition framework 

  • WORK to oppose tuition increases by meeting individually with Governors and presenting to them the strong affordability arguments 

  • ENDEAVOR to amend LR4 (UBC’s Tuition Consultation Policy) to be more realistic and transparent in how students are surveyed 

  • PROVIDE direction and oversight to the VP External Relations Office to advocate to the province for greater funding beyond Operating Grants to help subsidy costs and reduce the pressure on tuition increases 


  • ENSURE all SATF recommendations are implemented to their fullest extent

    • ENSURE all metrics are thoroughly outlined and met 


  • WORK with the FORWARD fundraising campaign to ensure a greater percentage of funding is allocated towards expanded needs-based aid for domestic and international students 


  • WORK to ensure the Board allocates more than the current $800,000 toward Food Security Initiatives


  • ENSURE that UBC is continuing investment in expansions of childcare spaces to reduce pressures on waitlists and through additional funding from the FORWARD campaign considers the further extension of current childcare bursaries

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