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International Student Support

International students are consistently left behind when we talk about making life easier for students. That is a why a priority of mine is finding ways to make the experience of international students at UBC far more manageable. Read below for more information.

  • ENSURE a review of UBC's Financial Aid Policy (LR10) is conducted to expand eligibility of needs-based aid to include international students 

  • In the REVIEW process of the Tuition Allocation Model (TAM), work to increase contributions towards international student financial aid by allocating 8% of international student tuition towards this rather than the current 7.5% 

  • WORK to allocate the currently unspent annual $4 million-$5 million dollars in endowed awards in financial aid towards new needs-based awards for continuing international student

  • PROVIDE direction to the Vice President Development and Alumni Engagement to raise money in the FORWARD campaign and outside of it for specific international student awards

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