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Lecture Recordings, Exam Hardships & Academic Support

Creating a better academic life is the primary responsibility of Senators. Some of the major ways to support this are by promoting open education, instituting lecture capture technology, and changing policy. Check out below for more information.

  • WORK to ensure teaching spaces on campus are equipped with lecture capture technology 

  • CONTINUE work to ensure UBCIT has the necessary resources to engage in this outfitting through the Budget Sub-Committee and direction of the Provosts Office 

  • CONTINUE work to encourage the Provost Office to engage in a Faculty-wide campaign that highlights the value of hybrid learning and lecture recordings  

  • WORK to continue the promotion of support of Open Education Resources 

  • CONTINUE work on establishing a policy to cap textbook costs 

  • CONTINUE work to ensure IKB is kept open 24/7 during the exam period

  • CONTINUE work in reviewing the Senate Policy on Exam Hardships (V-102) to develop more compassionate rules around hardships beyond the 3 exams in a 24-hour timeline 

  • CONTINUE work in reviewing the Senate Policy on the Use of the Formal Examination Period (V-103) to indicate and clarify that no major assessments can be held the two weeks before the final examination period

  • WORK to establish the permanent extension of the course withdrawal deadline to closer to the last day of classes

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